Welcome to the party

2021-05-21 - Info
Shadow Party coming soon !!!
2021-05-21 - Info
Expecting starting time of the party 18:00 cheese time but might change a bit (keep tuned)
2021-05-21 - Info
Hi there, all compos are now closed.
2021-05-20 - Info
Hi there, the following compos are now closed : Old school graphics, Photo and New School Graphics
2021-05-17 - Hurry up !
Only 24 hours remaining beforce closing the compos !
2021-05-01 - Wuhu is up and running :)

You can ask admin on discord or by email to receive your votekey.

With the votekey you'll be allowed to register (mandatory) and upload your prodies :P

Admin email : admin@shadow-party.org

thanks with love p0ke